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Holly Slept Over

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Original Score By Jason Nesmith

Starring (Britt Lower, TV’s “Man Seeking Woman”)  (Josh Lawson, Bombshell)  (Nathalie Emmanuel, TV’s “Game of Thrones), (Ron Livingston)

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Little Ellen

Composers Jason Nesmith, Jason Blackman and Dara Taylor wrote the theme for this show.  Dara Taylor provides a wonderful score and Jason Nesmith and Jason Blackman wrote over 25 original songs for this series on HBO Max

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Rock My Collection

Rock My Collection on AXS TV profiles some of the world’s most unique music memorabilia and the personal stories behind them. Jason Nesmith wrote the theme for this new series

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Jessy and Nessy Theme Song

 Jessy and Nessy Theme Song  A sea monster and a little girl explore the great big world! On @Primevideokids March 13th!


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Extra Theme Music 2019-present

Extra is an American entertainment television news program covering events and celebrities. We provided a comprehensive theme package and continue to create custom underscoring.

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TMZ Live Theme Music 2013 to present

We created a custom theme package for TMZ Live

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CNN’s New Day Theme Music

New Day is a new morning show on CNN. Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira report the latest news, weather and high interest stories, 6-9am ET. We have created an extensive and flexible musical theme and underscore package.

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Ellen’s Design Challenge Theme Music

Ellen DeGeneres puts six furniture designers to the test when they come to Los Angeles to compete in various challenges designing and building amazing furniture creations. We created a custom theme music package for the show.
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Anderson Live Theme Music

Anderson Live is a topically driven daytime talk show. We created a theme package for season 1 and season 2

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Tyra Theme Music

Tyra Banks was a highly successful day time talk show with an emphasis on women’s issues. We have supplied underscoring for all six years of its run and a theme package for the last three seasons.

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Judge Jeanine Pirro Theme Music

Judge Jeanine Pirro, a former Westchester County, New York  judge and district attorney, had an edgy daytime courtroom show for which we created the theme and underscore for its 3-year run.

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An Evening With Composer Jason Nesmith

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Be Cool Scooby Doo

We provide underscore and songs for this long running series produced by Warner Bros Television

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Never Stop Pushing

How Tyler Peterson Lost His Dad, Then Became One Three Months Later | Never Stop Pushing

In Association with Tatras and The Berrics

Original Score By Jason Nesmith

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Killer In Suburbia

Reel One Entertainment:

Original Score By Jason Nesmith

Gina and her teenage daughter Kelsey move into a new town so Kelsey can attend a better high school. It’s the start of senior year – meaning new parties to attend and new friends to make. But when Kelsey is abducted while on a date, all Gina’s nightmares come true. Can she save her daughter in time? And can she really trust the people trying to help


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Teen Titans Go

We continue to create songs and underscore for this popular kids cartoon

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Microsoft Commercial

We created cutting edge music for Microsoft’s highly successful Surface Tablet ad campaign.

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Microsoft Groove 2 TV Commercial

We created the music for Microsoft Surface Groove 2. The second in a series of Surface Tablet commercials.

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The Killing Trailer

We created the underscore for this amazing trailer created by Hurwitz Entertainment

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Sex Life

Original Score By Jason Blackman and Jason Nesmith

Short Film

Mia comes to terms with the fact that she’s no longer sexually attracted to her boyfriend.

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Kardashian Promo

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Modern Wahine Hawaii Theme Music

We created the theme music for this show about all things modern and fun in Hawaii. Hosted by former Miss Universe Brook Lee

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Breaking Band Theme Music

BREAKING BAND, a new original series from AXS TV. The six-episode 30-minute documentary style reality series places legendary musical artists into the role of mentors, pairing them with up-and-coming artists for a once in a lifetime collaboration. JEL Music Group created the theme and all the underscore music for the series.

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Classical Quartet #1

1 of 5 Quartets Composed by Jason Nesmith

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Labrakazam Theme Music

We created the theme music for this science show for kids

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3-2-Wonder Theme Music

We created the theme music for this educational science series for children

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Play With Caution Theme Music

Two teams, Red and Blue, go head-to-head in a video game competition, while enduring various physical distractions by the opposing team.

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Extra Theme Music 2016-2018

Extra is an American entertainment television news program covering events and celebrities. We provided a comprehensive theme package and continue to create custom underscoring.

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Extra Theme Music 2013-2015

Extra is an entertainment news program for which we provided a comprehensive theme package and continue to create custom underscoring.

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Extra Theme Music 2009-2013

Extra is an American entertainment television news program covering events and celebrities. We provided a comprehensive theme package and continue to create custom underscoring.

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Let’s Ask America Theme Music

Let’s Ask America” is a daily, half-hour, television game show that lets you, the home viewer, be a contestant on the show on TV from the comfort of your home via web chat.  We created the theme music and underscore package for their 2013/2014 seasons

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The Crumbling of America Theme Music

The Crumbling of America was a program on the History Channel  that closely examined America’s outdated and collapsing infrastructure for which we provided the theme and underscore.

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Food Tech Theme Music

Food Tech was a series about everything you wanted to know about the making of foods from the farm to your table.  We provided the theme and underscore for all nine episodes.

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Modern Marvels Theme Music for this special episode

Modern Marvels is primarily a science and technology series that covers a wide range of topics and airs on the History Channel.   We have underscored over forty episodes and provided the theme for one special episode called Alaskan Fishing

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Mad Cartoon

MAD is an animated sketch comedy on Cartoon Network, based on MAD Magazine. MAD magazine (and the show) parody many popular shows or products, usually putting two popular things together in one sketch. We have provided underscore for over 40 episodes

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Jason Nesmith Composer 14 piece Chamber Orchestra

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Transformers Cartoon

Cartoon….Transformers crash land on present day Earth and inadvertently cause a technological revolution. They wake up 50 years later in a world where robots are used in everyday life. StarScream arrives looking for their AllSpark

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Exodus (Off To Battle)

We provided the musical score for this portion of the long form trailer

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Because I’m Your Dad Promo

Provided music for the promo for the children’s Book. “Because I’m Your Dad”

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We created an original score for this MTV Cartoon

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My Dad Rocks

We provided the opening theme music for “My Dad Rocks”

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Circadin Rhythm

Original Score By Jason Nesmith

We provided the musical score for this feature film starring Rachel Miner Seymour Cassel Jonathan Banks and Sarah Wynter

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The Fun Time Gang

TV Show….. Following the cancellation of their long running kids show, the costumed members of The Funtime Gang are thrust into the real world.

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On The Border

Original Score By Jason Nesmith

Short Film….Illegal Aliens, a group of Minute Men and the U.S. Border Patrol cross paths on the U.S./Mexican border.

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